Mesoamerican Reef Day in MÍA Reef Isla Mujeres

Mesoamerican Reef Day in MÍA Reef Isla Mujeres

On Friday, March 10, the Mesoamerican Reef Day Event was held at the MÍA Reef Isla Mujeres All Inclusive hotel, at the event they discussed the 'Challenges and opportunities for the reef ecosystem' divided into different panels as the 'Strategic actions for the restoration of reefs: corals, and associated species and synergistic actions. 'Sustainability of restoration actions', 'Management of waste and marine litter', regeneration of water quality, among other topics.




Where we were accompanied by speakers from Government Organizations such as CONANP, INAPESCA, SUSTENTUR, Asociados Náuticos de Quintana Roo, representatives of UADY and UNAM, among others, private sector organizations such as Grupo Xcaret and Iberostar, NGOs, biologists, divers and Foundations. and they shared with us all the actions in favor of reef ecosystems that they have carried out over several years, future plans, and proposals for actions to regenerate the coastal marine ecosystem.




The future will be sustainable or there won't be a future!




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