Isla Mujeres, the Caribbean paradise in Mexico

Isla Mujeres, the Caribbean paradise in Mexico

The mystery, history and the paradise of the Caribbean; live in Mexico

The magic of the Caribbean Sea that has inspired poets and has seen the love incarnate in everyone who lives it. The colors of the water seem as if they were taken from another reality. It’s hard to believe what we see because nothing ever has come close to it. The small jewel of the sea that hid pirates in their paradisiac adventures, and the mystery in the air surrounding the relics of ancient civilizations which ensured their immortality by leaving traces as picturesque as historic. 

You don’t need to travel in time to swim in the waters that were hunted by Blackbeard. You don’t have to go further than Mexico, since, between all the islands the Caribbean embraces, Isla Mujeres rises above. The first sun rays that color Mexico land in this island every sunrise, to wake up surrounded by unreal turquoise waters that blur until they get lost in the sky. 

![hotel-mia-reef-3.jpg]( Hotel MÍA Reef Isla Mujeres 

The treasure of the sea that bathes Mexico, used to be a place of cult for the Mayan goddess of love, the moon, water, and fertility, Ixchel. Considering the qualities of this island it’s easy to understand the logic that inspired the Mayan culture to entrust Isla Mujeres as a temple dedicated to Ixchel. The goddess received offerings of the believers when they felt in need of a favor or when they wanted to thank Ixchel for her blessings. These offerings had feminine shapes, so when the island was discovered by the colonial expeditions, it was baptized as Isla Mujeres (Island of Women). 

Not only the Mayan culture, colonial expeditions, and pirates chose this island to be captivated. Year by year, turtles choose Isla Mujeres as the place to hatch their babies, and today they are a part of the island in their own turtle farm, where they are protected and freed. Wise mother nature guides these animals to the warm waters of the Caribbean island where we all dream of swimming someday. 

The island that has been chosen by nature and humans and has kept loyal to its Caribbean identity, is in Mexico and it’s called Isla Mujeres.

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