6 must-see places in Isla Mujeres

6 must-see places in Isla Mujeres

Things to do in Isla Mujeres

Exploring Isla Mujeres means experiencing beautiful beaches, a great ambience, culture, art and lots of fun but also discovering a piece of history that is still vibrant and current among us. Strolling along its streets and its hidden corners takes us inevitably on a journey to the past.

Playa Norte

6 must-see places in Isla Mujeres

Among the 7 most beautiful beaches in the world, Playa Norte is the iconic beach of the island, the one everyone imagines when they think of Isla Mujeres. Its fine white sand, its largeness, its ambience, the delicious food you can find there, the calm, temperate and shallow waters and the cool shade of its palm trees are all the magnets attracting thousands of tourists to its shores, the first thing the explorers from Spain saw in their 1519 expedition. The island is also the first place in Mexico that sees the sun’s rays and one of the few in the Mexican Caribbean where you can see the sun disappear into the water at sunset. Playa Norte is definitely a must-see!

Punta Sur

6 must-see places in Isla Mujeres

From the North of the Island let us move to the southernmost region with a lighthouse, a sculpture park, stone step walkways, the Ixchel temple and the cliffs. The sea breeze will be your companion here and inspire you to get off the beaten track and the beach to get to know these hidden treasures like the Punta Sur Sculpture Park, a place by the cliffs, boasting 23 metal art pieces by artists from all over the world and painted in bright colors that protect them from rust.

As if it were another art piece, perched on the southern tip of the island overlooking the ocean, you will find the Temple of Ixchel, the Mayan goddess of the moon and fertility. Mayan women used to visit this temple to ask her for offspring and this goddess is the reason for the island’s name (women’s island) due to the large amount of figurines representing the goddess which the Spaniards found there upon arrival.

The Lighthouse at Punta Sur is the perfect lookout point to enjoy a spectacular view of the Caribbean Sea and the cliffs surrounding Isla Mujeres’ Punta Sur.

Parque Garrafón

6 must-see places in Isla Mujeres

The Park was named after a reef located just meters away from the coast making it a privileged spot for snorkel enthusiasts and for first-timers due to its calm waters. Located very close to Punta Sur, here you can experience the adrenaline of zip-lining, water sports, kayaking and the best services to enjoy unforgettable moments of relaxation and fun.

The Underwater Art Museum (MUSA)

6 must-see places in Isla Mujeres

This museum holds a total of 500 art pieces constructed with marine concrete which have become artificial reefs where many species have made their home. It is a great place to snorkel, dive or visit on a glass bottom boat. At its deepest, it is 26 feet and 11 feet at its most shallow and no matter how many very beautiful sculptures there are, many curiously go looking for the sunken Volkswagen.

Kin Ha, waterpark

6 must-see places in Isla Mujeres

Is a beachside fun park with pools and waterslides, snorkel facilities, climbing walls, kayaking and the excitement of zip-lines. You will enjoy delicious local dishes in its restaurant and refreshing drinks at its bars, one of them inside the adult pool with wonderful ocean views. Perfect for making a day out of it.

La Tortugranja

6 must-see places in Isla Mujeres

Mexico is home to 7 out of the 8 sea turtle species in the world and the main areas where they chose to lay their eggs are in the Riviera Maya. In the turtle farm you will find tanks with turtles in different stages of development truly protected from predators, including humans, from where they will be liberated into the ocean when they are less vulnerable. It is a perfect place to visit with children, because it is as fun as it is educational.

Every corner of Isla Mujeres makes it a Magical Town, a place that has charmed travelers from around the world. This list is merely a brief reminder of everything it has to offer each one of its visitors.

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