5 incredible ways to celebrate Mother’s Day in Isla Mujeres

5 incredible ways to celebrate Mother’s Day in Isla Mujeres

The original celebrations for Mother’s Day date back to ancient Greece, and nowadays they have become a tradition throughout the world in order to pay tribute to our mother figures and show them our love and gratitude for their devotion. There are many ways to celebrate and we can find thousands of ideas for gifts to choose from, but one of the things that worries us the most is, as the date gets closer, how to spend it in the most special way possible. Have you ever considered a getaway to Isla Mujeres?

This beautiful island is located 13 kilometers from the Yucatan Peninsula, in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. It offers adventure, entertainment and relaxation thanks to its calm and islander environment, making it perfect for your mother to enjoy her special day. Here are five incredible ways to celebrate Mother’s Day:

1.- Snorkeling or scuba diving:

5 incredible ways to celebrate Mother’s Day in Isla Mujeres

For mothers who love marine life, it is unthinkable to visit Isla Mujeres and not to swim in the calm and beautiful waters that hide under the waves mesmerizing coral reefs, and a vast diversity of marine fauna. In addition, there is the option of visiting the Underwater Museum of Art to see submerged sculptures and enjoy an unparalleled experience.

2.- Excursion through the Island:

It can be done by motorcycle or golf cart, depending on how adventurous your mother is. No matter how, it is a great opportunity to visit every corner of Isla Mujeres. This is definitely an option that will connect you with the island’s culture and nature, getting to know the remains of the ancient Mayan civilization in the archaeological zone, El Meco; or visit El Faro and the sculptures of Punta Sur, where you can also find an interesting nautical museum; you can even visit the Tortugranja to see different species of turtles; but if you are looking to interact with people on this Mother’s Day you must visit downtown where you’ll find local people walking along the streets between the handcraft shops and the colorful murals.

3.- Playa Norte:

5 incredible ways to celebrate Mother’s Day in Isla Mujeres

With a pool-like setting, and turquoise water that reaches up to the waist, you can enjoy of various activities such as kayaking and paddle boarding or just relax by the seashore. Spend the day at beach clubs surrounded by palm trees and realizing that Playa Norte is the ideal place for your mother to enjoy the sun, sand and sea.

4.- Family meals:

Something every mother dreams of is sharing a pleasant meal in the company of her family. Isla Mujeres offers an extensive variety of restaurants that offer international options, but if you are already on the island, why not enjoy the local cuisine? One of the most popular dishes in the area is the Tikinxic, perhaps the best fish you’ll ever taste. One of the best places to try it is at Lancheros Beach, where you can enjoy of the excellent heritage of Mayan cuisine.

5.- Spa session:

5 incredible ways to celebrate Mother’s Day in Isla Mujeres

What mother does not like to be spoiled at least once a year after spending the rest of the time doing the same for her family? It’s time to return the favor and give her a space dedicated to her and her only. A day where her only responsibility will be to relax among soothing aromas, soft creams, and massages that will take away the stress in a heartbeat. One of the advantages that you’ll find in Isla Mujeres hotels are its various spas, with an atmosphere of serenity that will make your mother feel like she is up in the clouds while she enjoys the authentic paradise that the island represents.

Isla Mujeres enchants anyone who visits and your mother will definitely not be the exception. Allow yourself and her to enjoy a dreamy island, in addition to quality time that will last in your memory more than any material gift for this special day. There is no doubt that after this Mother’s Day in Isla Mujeres, you will be her favorite child.

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